Saturday, October 21, 2006


There are some weeks where nothing happens and I havenĀ“t got a clue what to write (although those weeks are rare in this school). This week a lot happened.

First of all, I have to move. There was a chance that I could stay in my appartment in St. Pauli a little while longer. Unfortunately, two days ago I got an e-mail that I have to move out at the end of the month. I already saw it coming so it isn't much of a shock to me. But I had the luck that my classmate Gunnar wanted to move out of his appartment. So the same day I heard the bad news it was confirmed that I take Gunnars place as the new flatmate of my good friend Salvatore. Of all Hamburg that's probably the best place for me to stay my last few months.

The second newsflash. At the end of the month my contract for Energize comes to an end. And recently I heard they don't want to continue working with me. I've been writing for the online marketing agency in Utrecht since two months before I went to the Miami Ad School and after I left to Hamburg I could work with them via internet.

It seems that -for both sides- it's too difficult to work online only. You can't communicate directly with your collegues and there's a lot of misunderstanding. Even though webcams and Skype makes distances smaller, it's still very complicated to be able to work on a regular basis. Especially when you work beside a study like this.

To be honest, I think they made the right decision. I really admire that Energize had the courage to work with me over such a big distance. Furthermore, the income I got from working for them was a real financial aid to me. It's sad that I can't work for them anymore, but at least I can focus on my internships for 100%.

Talking about internships, here's the third news. I had a conversation with Niklas, the director of the school, about my Quarter Away. He advised me to do an internship at Duvall Guilliaume in Belgium. For those who don't know the agency: it's probably the best agency in Belgium and a well known for winning numerous awards in Cannes. In other words, it's probably the easiest big decision I had to make in this school. It's not 100% final yet and I still have to see who I'm going to work with. But soon I might hear if I go there or not.

Pff, that was a brief update of my chaotic life here in Hamburg. I'm now going to the Reeperbahn to drink beer.


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