Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holland has to wait

I said in earlier posts that I'll come to Holland again this weekend. Well, I'm still planning to come for a weekend, but not this weekend. And looking at the rising working pressure in school, I will have to do it soon, so I'm probably coming in two weeks.

This morning I had my first lesson of Assignments and tomorrow we're going to have Concept Class at Jung von Matt. I just had my first brainstorm with my new teampartner for an assignment that turned out to be a real braincracker. I'm still a little dizzy from thinking, but that will pass.

Of course I'm not the only Dutchman who studies advertising abroad. Stef & Yona, two young creatives who used to participate in the Young Dogs competitions, study in New York at the School of Visual Arts (the strongest competitor of the Miami Ad School). I just got their weblog. You can read their stories and see their work at


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