Monday, October 02, 2006

Alfredo (left), Salvatore (middle) and Hernanno (right) Posted by Picasa

There are too many things to mention if I´d give a full description of my vacation in Italy. I´ve seen ancient buildings in Napoli, Salerno and Caposele. I´ve tasted the excellent cuisine of Italy. I ate more than ever. But what struck me most were the people. The nice, colorful and charismatic inhabitants of Italy are the most important to see if you're in Italy.

Sometimes they say that 80% of communication is non verbal. In Italy it's probably 95%. They actually talk with their hands here. And talking is very important here. If you ask in Caposele where somebody is, they're not just going to say: in the school. No, you get a whole description of how to get to the school, where to go inside and who's there as well. Even if you already know.

Every time you eat you'll hear: "here, try some of this". And at everything you do Italians ask if you like it. Whether it's about food, the landscape or the women, I told about a hundred times that I like it. And I did like it. I learned a lot of Italian during these two weeks and today I went to school totally reloaded. Ready to get started again!


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