Sunday, September 17, 2006


I was going to Italy from the airport in Berlin anyway, so I might as well pay a visit to my Dutch friend Edwin. He's been living in Berlin for almost five years now. Yesterday we went to a rock/alternative club named Knaack. On our way I thought of 15 years ago in Holland. Every weekend I went with Edwin to a village called Heiloo. There was a club for young people next to the railway station. The club was closed after 12 o'clock and after that we always went to the bar of the village. "Funny," I said yesterday to Edwin "15 years ago when we were driving on our bicycles to Heiloo we would never have thought that we both would end up living in Germany". Live can take unexpected turns, but living in Germany seemed like a complete U-turn back then.

The Knaack is a club with four halls with different sorts of music. On the top there's karaoke. I couldn't resist the temptation to grab the microphone as well and I sang a drunk version of Offsprings Take them Out. An hour later I sang 'Angie' from the Rolling Stones together with a German girl who was having a bachelor party.

This morning I picked up Salvatore and his girlfriend from the busstation. Tonight we're going to the airport for our plane to Napels, Italy. The plane leaves at 7, so there's no use for sleeping. But that doesn't matter. I'm kind of used to staying up all night anyway ;-)


Anonymous Elina said...

Hee broertje. Van harte met je onverwachte maar welverdiende sterren! Heel veel plezier in Italiƫ. Rust lekker uit en wordt maar goed bruin. Hier is het ook heerlijk weer. Zo'n 21 graden.
dikke x Lientje

1:13 pm  
Blogger Jenne said...

Hey Robin! I found your site whilst randomyl googling a German creative! :P I'm going to link to your site, if you don't mind. You should link to mine! Hope all is well. Where are you next quarter? Around Hamburg? I'm going to Amsterdam for 5 days, then back to Hamburg, then I fly to London on the 1st, and then home to San Francisco on the 8th. Maybe our paths will cross. Besos xx

10:39 am  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hi Jenne,

That's funny, I heard a lot of people found my site by Google. I put your website in the links area. It would be great if you put me on your site. I'm in Italy until the 30th, and then I go back to Hamburg so I guess I won't be seeing you around. But of course you never know. Have a lot of fun in San Francisco and good luck with your career!

2:00 pm  

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