Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Food...lots of it

I had a great weekend here in Italy. We first went to Salerno, a city at the coast of Italy. There's actually a nightlife in that city, so I enjoyed it very much.

I noticed that in the most parts of Italy the people go out in a different way than in Holland or Germany. Here, the people prefer to gather in groups outside and talk to each other. You only go inside to get a drink. In a way it's more a talking culture than a party culture.

Which makes it difficult for me, because a lot of people here don't speak English and the Italian here is in a very difficult dialect. Although my Italian improves by the day I'm still not able to talk better than a six year old child.

On Saturday we went back again because it was the birthday of Salvatore's mother. On Sunday Salvatore had his birthday. You wouldn't believe how much food there was on the table that afternoon. I made some pictures but unfortunately I can't upload them here. Only for the dessert there were two really big birthday cakes, three big bowls of ice cream and a bowl with muffins. By then everybody was already stuffed from the delicious food that Sal's mother made, but everybody couldn't resist eating a couple of pieces of cake anyway. By the time I get back to Hamburg I might have reached a normal weight. Who knows.


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