Saturday, September 23, 2006

First days in Italy

It has been a heavy trip from Berlin to Italy. The lack of sleep is exhausting, the bag which contained so much clothes that it weighs like a human being is exhausting, but for some reason travelling itself is also exhausting. It might be because you see a lot of new things around you. Also, the stress of going to an unknown place is drawing a lot of energy from you. I'll probably never really get used to that.

But it was all worth it. We landed in Napels. Because we had to wait for the train anyway, we went into the city. This city is probably the most chaotic I've ever been. Everywhere you go there's traffic. Everywhere you hear a continuous sound of running motors and honking cars. Add the loud Italian talking to it and the screaming of salespeople showing all sorts of stuff that makes noise and you've got a pretty good idea of what Napels is like. Well, at least it's not boring.

The tram on our way back to the trainstation was completely stuffed with people. You couldn't even move an inch. Salvatore said I had to be careful because there are pickpockets. Right after he said that I felt a hand trying to push some stuff out of my pockets. I thought: "is this guy fucking kidding me?". The old guy who tried it did it so sneaky that you didn't know if you have to say something about it or not. But I just kept my hand in my pockets. Which didn't even prevented the guy from trying to pick my pockets again and again. I had the feeling that it wouldn't have mattered to say something about it. I was right, because later on Salvatore said you could even be in trouble if you complain to the pickpocketeer.

After this trip we went to Caposele, the city where Salvatore was born. Caposele is like the opposite of Napels. It's a small, quiet village in the middle of the mountains. There's not a lot to do there but it's perfect to spend your vacation. In the evening we went to a bar to talk to some local inhabitants and friends of Salvatore. A lot of people here don't talk English at all. Which is good, because I'm forced to talk Italian, which gets better and better every day. It's my first time in Italy, but I can recommend everybody to go to this beautiful country. Italia é bellisima.


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