Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Big Silver star for long copy class! Posted by Picasa

This face to face week was a total hell. I slept only one day at home. For the rest I was in school, finishing all the work. My teammate Gunnar was also working night and day. On friday he was so tired that he fell asleep on his laptop.

I never want to have such a heavy week again. Fortunately, the hard work wasn't for nothing. I've got my first straight A's at school and I got two of them, the rest of my marks were A- and B+. That's all very nice, but I thought I totally blew my work at the exhibition. Well, I didn't 'totally' blew it. I didn't do as good as last quarter, but I did get more stars than I expected. One big silver (the only one in long copy) and two small silver stars. I guess I'm pretty lucky because some of the students who really deserved a star didn't get one.

Face to face is over, but I'm not resting yet. Today I'm working on a competition for Alessi and tomorrow as well. Next week I'm going to Italy with my good friend Salvatore and then I'm finally going to rest a bit.


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