Friday, August 11, 2006

Yesterday I had a meeting with the group of the Love Boat trip to Croatia (see earlier posts). I also read the article that was written about me in Maxi Magazine for the first time. It was really cool to read about myself. What's interesting is that I found out something that I already thought: in journalism it's impossible to stay neutral. I wrote some articles in Holland and you have to leave out a lot of important information in order to make a consistent, convincing story. Here's some examples from the article in which not everyting was told:

"Sometimes you forget that Robin is on board - most of the time he's got enough company when he's on his own". Now this implies that I'm a very introvert person. Well, I can't deny that I like to be on my own sometimes. But in the article nowhere is written that I was the only one in the group coming from abroad, which gave me a big language barrier. Furthermore, the other men in the group were friends of each other, which made it easier for them. Despite that, I got along very well with everybody.

"A strange arm is on Luise's leg". Which was about the fact that I was trying something with Luise. Well, caught me in the act, haha. I admit I was flirting with her. But I never try anything when there's no reason for it. Some people flirt out in the open, some in a really subtile way. I can tell Luise is one of the second category. But I think we both found out we're not really attracted to each other. I even said that in the interview that she's not my type, but I saw that this quote was wrongly attributed to Robert (I was sometimes mixed up with another guy on the boat, called Robert).

"Robin likes Swedish girls a lot and that's why he really wants to do his internship there". Yes, that's because I think Swedish girls have beautiful eyes and because I like blonde hair. But I also said that I'm a sucker for girls with piercings, tatoos and black hair. Which accounts for half of the female population of Hamburg. So I think I stay here for a while ;-). And I want to do an internship in Sweden because of the progressive advertising they make there.

By the way, don't see these last comments as criticism. As I said before: it's impossible to stay neutral in journalism. Remember that also this weblog is completely written from my point of view. To show all sides of every story is just impossible and would make an article unnecessary difficult. So I think the article in Maxi is very well written and I every time I read it it reminds me of this fantastic journey in Croatia. Only I remember it in a slighly different way.


Anonymous Joost (ex WD81) said...

he robin, why haven't you posted a link to the original article? Why were you featured in there? I am totally with you about the Swedish girls though; they are kind of neat. One other thing; I'd like to ask you about this world wide online network of creatives who work on assignments in a virtual way. What was the name? Hadn't you signed up for that once?

6:53 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hey Joost, cool to hear from you again. The original article is in a German magazine on paper, so it's difficult to link to it ;-) The online network of creatives is called The Mind, but I don't know if it still exists. Paul Meijer initiated it. I wanted to participate in it, but it was difficult to reach them.

5:47 pm  

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