Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TV production class Posted by Picasa

I still had to put a picture of me spinning the turntables. I played at the birthday of a schoolmate. But that´s not what this post is about.

The picture below my DJ picture is that of TV production class. As I said before, they are making the commercial of my group now and the whole class is busy doing a part of the production. Some people search locations, some find the right props, some do the planning and my group had to take care of the casting.

I´m the only one in my group who speaks German. Guess who had to make all the phonecalls? It is very hard to make a phonecall in another language, but I managed to call some casting agencies and they even understood me. In the picture above, we are looking at some props with the whole class. Next week there's the shooting. This week it looks the face to face week has already started. I have to send in work for the ADC (German Art Directors Club) and in the meantime there's more homework than ever. Sleep is rare. I need a vacation.


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