Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Me standing at the shooting Posted by Picasa

A while ago, I said I was so happy that one of my TV-scripts was going to be made. Today there was a shooting of the commercial. This is not the first commercial that I've made. This is not even the first shooting abroad or for a foreign client. Together with my former art director Peter I've made several commercials when I worked at McCann. But I was really excited because it has been a long time since I shot my own commercial.

I got the idea for the commercial together with teammates Gunnar, Lea and Nadine. This commercial was chosen from several commercials that the class handed in for the TV production class. We were taken through the whole process of TV production together with a teacher who works at Markenfilm, a big production company in Germany.

The idea is very simple and it was shot in half a day. I can tell the idea right here, but it's better if you see it when it's finished. So I'll keep you in tension. As soon as the commercial is ready, I'll put a link on this site.


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