Monday, August 07, 2006

30 years young

I seem to have lost my discipline. Normally I write two times a week for my blog, but is was too busy last week. The reason was that I wanted to combine school with a bit of a personal life. This weekend my good friend Edwin came all the way from Hamburg to visit me and that means there was no time to work for school.

It was also my birthday this weekend. I´ve become 30! A lot of people would probably hide for three days in a dark cellar to overcome the depression that comes with being another decennium older, but that doesn´t count for me. I feel 24 or something and I guess my psychological age is even lower. Besides, I was too drunk to be depressed.

No, I think my age is kind of funny. People already looked surprised to hear I was 29. Because 30 sounds a lot older, it must totally knock people out from amazement. And in my school everybody is fine with my age. I just got an e-mail from a girl of 32 who wants to apply for Miami Ad School, but she wondered if it's not weird be one of the oldest. I responded that it's no problem. Everybody at this school is weird anyway, whether they're 18 or 35. The only way you can be a real outsider here at school is when you don't work. Which reminds me...I have to get back to work.


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