Tuesday, July 04, 2006

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Yesterday I arrived in Hamburg again. I should have been here earlier, but because I lost my keys in Croatia, I couldn´t get into my house. I also didn´t take all the files with me, so it was difficult for me to show some work on my site.

The work above is for the class Outdoor Advertising. In this class me and my teampartner Dominik have most of the work hanging at the exhibition. Almost everything we showed at the face to face ended up at the exhibition. Including this one and that kind of surprised me. I mean, I really really like this campaign. This is the perfect example of the sense of humour that me and Dominik have in common (last quarter Dominik made a bloody campaign for animal rights organisation Noah. This campaign featured Pippi Langstrumpf who cutted up a horse with a chainsaw. It didn't make it to the exhibition). When we made this campaign we thought we didn't have a lot of hope for it because we thought we're probably the only two persons in the school who likes this campaign. But we decided to execute it anyway because we thought it was cool.

The teacher said this campaign probably won't work, but he liked the original way of thinking that's behind the work. I think in an agency they'll probably think twice before presenting this to a client, but in this school the only thing that counts is creativity. And we're glad someone in school thought is was creative enough to hang up at the exhibition.


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