Thursday, July 13, 2006

Writing, writing, writing

This quarter is all about writing. My fingers are non stop writing at the moment. We have long copy class, writing for TV and head and tags. In concept class, our teacher motivated us to start with an idea by putting it in one single line, which also means: writing. A lot. Last two quarters my dummy was full of pictures. Now it's full of one liners, texts, pay offs and headings.

Seems like a good thing for a copywriter, but I really have to get used to it a little. This week, an American guy doubted if I really enjoy writing when he red one of my texts. Well, he's right. I don't enjoy writing. I enjoy making advertising. If I make a text I do it to convince somebody. And fortunately, there's more ways to convince somebody than with pictures only. Forcing yourself to explain your idea in one single line is quite refreshing. Only you usually don't write just one line. Write a hundred single lines and there might be some good ideas in them. So I write my ass off this quarter.

And it pays off. Yesterday, I turned in about 15 TV scripts for television production class. This morning I found out that three of the four ideas nominated to be really made came from my group. At the end of the lesson, we heard that one of the ideas is really going to be executed by a production company called Markenfilm. It's been a year since I've made a TV-commercial, so I'm really excited about it. For the rest I'm very busy. Already there's not enough time for everything. I have to think of concepts, I have to scribble and above all I have to write, write, write.


Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Hoi Lieffie
Je hebt toch zaterdagavond nog wel tijd om met je vader en moeder,en je ooms en tantes uit eten te gaan?? Ook moeten wij de reperbaan op,en hebben je daarbij natuurlijk erg nodig als gids.
Tot zaterdag???

6:13 pm  

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