Thursday, July 20, 2006

The tables, painted by Julien and me Posted by Picasa

Last week I heard there was a heat wave in Holland(!). Well, it seems that the heat has flown to Germany now. We sit in class while the sweat is dripping from our forehead to our laptops. It's hard to work in these conditions, but it's also hard not to work here in school.

Even outside your brain is melting away after working outside for 10 minutes. Nevertheless, yesterday I was working outside with art-director and grafitty expert Julien to spray the benches of the Miami Ad School. I made some spraying templates with stupid looking animals, puppets and flamingo footprints. Julien made some cool looking logo's of the school. Above you can see the results.

They are actually not in use right now, because it's too warm. Ten seconds after taking the picture above, the students on the bench ran to the nearest shadow. I hope it's getting colder soon so I can enjoy my tables when I'm looking outside.


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