Saturday, July 29, 2006


Thursday I had class from 10 till 10. It was difficult to keep my eyes open in class, but nevertheless it was big fun. For writing for TV course we went to a shooting from agency Scholz & Friends. At a big soccer field they shot a commercial for a German milk brand. There were about a hundred people walking around; cameracrew, director, creatives, actors and extra's. Since we were there anyway, we were immediately chartered to be an extra. I had to play one of the members of the audience. Which means that pretty soon I can be in the background of a commercial. Well, I have to start my acting career somewhere ;-)

Today I'm in school to do Saturday shift and there's also a meeting in school. At four o'clock I'm done with my shift. Then I'm going home, get groceries, rest a little and in the evening I go out with Salvatore, who brought about half of his Italian village to Hamburg. With these group of guys it's always big fun, so I'm certainly going to enjoy myself tonight.


Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Hoi Robin,
You wrote about the commercial for Germain milk brand.
Moet ik nu denken aan melk of bier??
Het zal het laatste wel zijn denk ik.
Kussie en geniet er maar van, en rustig aan he met al die Italianen

10:38 pm  
Blogger (fell into a rabbit hole) said...

hi, i'm considering whether or not to attend miami ad school's creative track program and was wondering why after five years of already being in the industry, you decided to attend MAS.

7:16 am  

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