Monday, July 24, 2006

Double assignments

The month isn´t over yet, and I already worked the whole weekend in school. Saturday there was a meeting and at Sunday evening I worked at school to make sure I´m on track with all the work. I am on track now, so that gives me a lot of rest.

At Saturday Luise and Vita, two girls who were on the boat during my Croatia vacation, came to the Miami Ad School. I gave them a quick tour. They saw the school in the right weekend because they could see the school as it normally is: with a lot of students still in there.

We seem to get a lot of double assignments lately. One brief for a magazine, the other for a different magazine. One for a liquor, the other for a different liquor. And two chicken briefings: one pro-chickenmeat and one anti-chickenmeat (it kind of forces you to be a hypocrite if you want to make both assignments well ;-). To cope with these double briefings in a creative way, I use claims and scribbles for one assignment as inspiration for the other. Maybe if I'm doing well this week I can finally have this whole Sunday off. Hooray!


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