Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big bang & reunion

Family reunion in Hamburg Posted by Picasa

In the beginning of the quarter I get what I call the ´big beginning of the quarter bang´. This is to describe the feeling that you get when you have so much work that you think you´ll never going to finish it. Every assignment feels like a big rock that's attached to your leg. And there's more and more rocks coming. I had it last quarter and I have it now. The difference now is that I was prepared for it. It still feels the same but now I know that everything will turn out to be allright. At a certain point I´ll get used to the workflow and I work on full speed again.

But weekend is weekend. I was in school on Saturday, but every week I always reserve the Saturday evening to go out. Which was good, because this weekend my family held a small reunion in Hamburg. They were on a camping outside Hamburg and in the evening they came to me. We had dinner in my favorite Italian restaurand and afterward I showed them the Reeperbahn. At 1:30 they left. I partied further and got back when the sun was up.


Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Het was heel erg gezellig en iedereen had erg lekker gegeten.
Goed uitgezocht Robin.

11:15 pm  
Anonymous Kathy said...

Hi there, I'm a random reader in Taiwan by way of Sydney. I enjoy reading your blog a lot. It makes me want to leave my job (copywriter at a brand agency) and get into advertising instead. (Actually...I'm already half way there.)

I have a personal question for you, I hope you don't mind. Do you think studying at MAS would be more or less challenging for you if you had gone without your previous advertising experience?

My email is

Thanks Robin,


8:08 am  
Anonymous Elina said...

Ha ha wat 'n leuke foto, alle takken van de familie bij mekaar!
x Lientje

5:03 pm  

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