Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Title: guard dog Posted by Picasa

I wanted to show some work before, but I thought Peter and Menno deserved to be in the spotlights sooner. After all, winning a Lion in Cannes is a bigger achievement than earning a golden star at the Miami Ad School. On the other hand, it's the highest recognition you can get here, so I'm very happy.

The golden star is for the Bild campaign above. It needs some explanation for foreign readers. Bild is a German newspaper that is famous for its loud headings and controversial content. Their problem is that because of this aggresive attitude, some Germans don't take Bild very seriously. In this campaign we show that a newspaper needs to be aggresive in order to make impact.

To prove this we showed situations in which being soft just doesn't work. In the first ad a robber tries to threathen a shop owner with a waterpistol and in the second ad we see a little doggy as a guard dog. Text: 'Being soft never made any impact'. There's a thruth in this campaign that even the most critical Bild-hater can't deny.

Unfortunately, there's one ad missing. Because I haven't been home since Croatia (see earlier posts), I haven't got all my work with me. So it might take a while before the other campaigns appear on this site. In the meanwhile, I think I'll just bore everybody with stories from Holland ;-)


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