Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No stress

Pre-face to face work for Photography Class Posted by Picasa

I just had my first face to face meeting. It was for Outdoor Advertising and according to the teacher me and my teammate Dominik have done very well. Compared to last face to face week, this one is quite relaxed. I still have been working the whole weekend from early in the morning till late in the night, but I was on schedule with my work all the time and there wasn't a lot of stress. Yesterday I even saw half of a soccer match together with Edwin, a Dutch friend of mine who lives in Berlin. Yeah, in the break I really had to go, but that´s because I had to draw a line somewhere.

Yesterday evening I did have a small moment of stress. I was brainstorming with Dominik until four o´clock in the evening and we still didn´t have an good concept. But after a good sleep at school, it took us only five minutes to get the good idea. Sometimes you just need a good rest to get things straight.

The U.F.O. picture above is for Photography Class. It looks like the photo is manipulated but it's not. I simply stole a saucer from the kitchen at school, packed it in with silver foil, went to the grass field outside the building, and made pictures when Dominik threw the saucer in the air. Of the 40 pictures I've made, this was the most realistic looking. I only changed the grain and the colors in the photo to give it the 'old look'. It´s actually pre-face to face work because my teacher hasn't even seen it yet. The evaluation for this photo and some other series of photographs is at two o'clock. Until then I only have to execute one ad and print everything out for another face to face meeting tonight. After that one this week is going to be peanuts. I think I'll make some extra work for Computer Class so I won't get bored ;-)


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