Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lots of news

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Face to face week has started. I had quite some work to do with my teammate Dominik, but we´re on schedule with everything now. Because we planned everything well, we don´t have to hurry a lot and we can take our time to perfectionize our executions. The school is getting fuller and fuller right now. There´s a vacation day at monday, but I´m sure everybody here is going to work.

I´ve got a lot of news this week. The first news is that I´ve finally bought a ticket to Holland. At the 19th of June I´m going to fly to Holland. Last quarter I couldn´t go to Holland because I had to look for a new appartment, so this is the first time in half a year that I´m in Holland. I´ve never been away that long.

But that was something I had already planned. The second news is quite unexpected. I got an e-mail from somebody that I haven't had contact with for about five years: my ex-girlfriend Daphne. She wondered what the hell has happened to me in these five years so she Googled my name and found this weblog. It must have been strange to find out that I don't even live in Holland anymore. Anyway, it's really cool to be in contact with her again.

And at last but not least: I heard this week that some work of me is going to be published in the Cannes edition of Horizont, a well known newspaper in Germany. There was a competition where we had to design a cover for this special edition. Me and my Dutch school- and flatmate Emilia joined forces on this project. Unfortunately, we didn't win. But this week we heard that our cover ánd a cover of one other student are going to be published in the Cannes edition itself.

Now the news about the poster above is not so interesting anymore. This thursday I had a workshop typography at a convention centre here in Hamburg. At that moment there was a special media convention going and had to design a poster for a special media library of Focus magazine. We worked in the restaurant, so we had to tear out newspapers, paint, glue and print while marketing managers were looking over our shoulders. But in the end I managed to make a poster where I'm very happy with.

Tonight I'm still at school. Although we're not really stressing, we still have to do a lot of work. For example, we have to make photographs for campaigns that we are going to make. Later on, we have to look for an expensive hotel to ask them if we can make a photograph inside the bathroom. And after that I'm going out. I've been working all week and because I need a rest I'm going to party.


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