Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm flying to Croatia this Saturday!

You´re not going to believe this. Yesterday I got an e-mail from the Niklas that they want to write an article about singles for Maxi magazine, a magazine for women in Germany. For that article they were looking for boys who are willing to spend a week on a boat in the mediterranean sea with some single girls. Well, I didn't mind doing that ;-) So I sent an e-mail that I'm interested.

Today I got the message that they chose me to be on the boat! Which means I'm flying to Croatia this Saturday, and from there I'm going on a boat trip on the mediterranean sea. The vacation lasts one week, so I'm exactly on time in Hamburg to catch my plane to Holland. There are three single boys and three single girls on the boat. There's also a journalist and a photographer there who report about the boat trip.

I'm glad I was already on schedule with the work for the face-to-face week, because this coming adventure means that I'm not exactly on schedule anymore. I'll be very busy this coming days to get all of my work finished before friday but it will probably all be worth it. So there won't be any news for one week on this weblog. But I think there's a big story coming up afterwards ;-)


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