Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Last week we heard that we´re going to do a workshop with a filmschool in Berlin. That´s great, I´m going to Berlin again! (at the end of last quarter I went there as well to meet my good friend Edwin, who lives there). We're going to have a cool workshop with some filmschool students, at night we're going to enjoy the nightlife of Berlin and the next day we're going back again. And the school pays for the travel expenses.

That was the good news. The only bad news is -and that's the only thing- that we actually lose two days to make our homework. That means that everybody from the 2nd quarter hasn't got any spare time this weekend.

While for some classes the working pressure is actually too high, I went into discussion with my concept class teacher that the working pressure is too low. I mean, he's a good teacher. He's the type of guy that pisses me off by killing all the ideas, and the next week I'm going to make even better work. But he gives everybody too much time for the work. It might look sometimes that I'm complaining a lot about being in school so much, but I actually enjoy it. I need the pressure. Everybody does in a way. It forces students to work harder than they ever imagined. And judging by the good work everybody makes here, pressure and hard work is the secret of making good ads.

Talking about more pressure. I really have to work for Energize, the Dutch online company, but the server is too slow at the moment. That's why in the meantime I'm writing this post. I really need a vacation. Hey, I'm going to Berlin tomorrow!


Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Veel plezier in Berlijn en rustig aan he!!???
Hoezo rustig...

7:49 pm  

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