Saturday, May 06, 2006


I mentioned in other blogs that Hamburg is not much of a party city. It still isn´t, but lately some famous DJ´s suddenly come to Hamburg. Yesterday for example, I´ve seen Felix the Housecat, a famous electro DJ. I've seen him twice in Holland and it was cool to see him playing again.

And next friday, my all time favorite producer T. Raumschmiere (yeah, Marvin!) comes to Hamburg. He´s giving a concert with his band in a place called Uebel und Gefaerlich. I already bought the tickets two weeks ago and I´m really looking forward to see him playing again.

I remember when I saw T. Raumschmiere the first time. It was at Lowlands, a famous 3-day festival in Holland during which everybody is permanently drunk. At the last day I was waiting for Miss Kittin to play, but before that there was T. Raumschmiere, of whom I never ever heard before. He started with strange, loud noises which lasted for five minutes. After that the hardest electro-punk I've ever heard came from the loudspeakers. With the bases pounding like big explosions.

So friday he comes to Hamburg. A lot of people from school and some people I know from outside school are going as well. My flatmate Emilia is also going and Diddo, a guy I know from Dutch advertising, happens to be in Hamburg the day that T. Raumschmiere plays. So he's coming as well.

Tonight I'll just take a rest from all the partying. I'm going to work for school because I've got a lot to do. By the way, I've just heard that an idea for a postcard is going to be made for real. The concept is probably not good enough to end up in my portfolio, but it's cool that pretty soon my work is going to be in all the pubs of Hamburg.


Anonymous Daddy and Mother said...

Hoi die Robin
When the postcard is ready, please send him to you parents.Yesterday we had a 1.5 hour programm on television from Hamburg.
I hope you can read this because we can read all of it what you are writing, but to write back that is a little bit difficult for us.Lot of kisses

1:41 pm  

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