Tuesday, May 30, 2006

21 campaigns

Hello, hereĀ“s 21 campaigns waiting for ya! Posted by Picasa

As said in earlier posts, every campaign for Bild so far was rejected. For two weeks in a row. So me and my teammate Dominik had to do something. And we did something. We stayed in school until 2 o'clock to make the most campaigns I ever made for a class. After that I slept at school again. A total of 21 campaigns was the result.

How did we do that after having thought nearly of everything for 2 weeks? We simply scribbled every idea that was above average or completely insane. Our concept class teacher liked three campaigns in particular and we're going to execute them. That means we got ourselves in trouble because of the timing, but at least we're in the running to do very well at the exhibition again.

Next week there's the face-to-face week (evaluation week). And I'll already apologize to all the people that I can't speak anymore this coming weeks. There's a tidal wave of work coming up so don't be surprised if I don't return mail or don't respond on Messenger. After that I'll make it up. I'll be online constantly to tell everybody about the heavy, but exciting face-to-face week. And after this week of rest, I'm coming back to Holland. Right now I just want to go home to enjoy (probably the last) eight hours of sleep.


Blogger Willem said...

Come to Holland. Learn more about Holland at:

6:59 pm  
Anonymous paps en moeders said...

Doe je wel een beetje rustig aan want wij willen als je naar Holland komt nog wel wat aan je hebben.Hebben een heel programma voor je opgesteld, want je moet natuurlijk wel in de running blijven.Zo te zien moet je ook bijgevoederd worden dus de rookworsten voor in de stampotten zal ik vast in huis halen. Grapje,

12:59 pm  

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