Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Working at full speed again

I have so little time right now. Tonight I´m going to work for Energize. The rest of the week I have classes and in the meanwhile I have to execute three billboard campaigns and five ideas for a postcard. Which means I'll be working in the weekend.

But it also means I have to work really really fast. Yesterday I had to make photographs of the Reeperbahn. I did it between classes, which meant I had exactly one hour and 45 minutes for it. I bought a film, went by public transport to station Reeperbahn. It was mandatory to work with an analog camera. I haven't used an analog SLR for years, so in the U-bahn I figured out the different functions of the camera. As soon as I got out, I had about 20 minutes to walk from station Reeperbahn to St. Pauli while making 24 pictures. After that I dropped the film off at the photo store and went back to school. I was about five minutes too late in class, but I managed to do it.

It´s kind of hard working so much, but it also forces me to work at full speed. After three weeks at this school there´s no time for being lazy. It forces you to think very fast, work very fast and it keeps you sharp and alert. Last week the changing working pace was like a punch in the face, but I'm fine now. The cool assignments I get here prevent me from falling asleep ;-)


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