Saturday, April 29, 2006


At Sal´s home, working at 3.00 in the night Posted by Picasa

Some weeks can get a little crazy at the Miami Ad School. Like this week for example. I wanted to work a little more in advance and in the meanwhile I had to make a lot of homework. So I was at school from 10.00 till 12.00 every day.

Thursday was the worst. The washing machine in my appartment was broken, so a washing machine repairman was supposed to come by between 9.00 and 12.00. Unfortunately, he never came. And because I also forgot to take my computer home the day before there was not a lot of homework I could do. I also needed a haircut very badly, so after waiting until 13.00 I went to the hairdresser. It´s bad timing, but at this school everything that comes in between is bad timing, so I thought: let's just go for christ sake because I started to look like a caveman already.
Because of this, there was not a lot of day left to work. But there's always the good old night. I already brought my sleeping bag an my matress to school and I was prepared to sleep in some dark corner at school. Luckily, Salvatore invited me to stay at his apartment because he and his flatmate Gunnar also had so much work that it would keep them busy for most of the night.

On friday I arrived with bags under my eyes in radioclass, but at least I got all of my work done. To end this crazy week in Robin style, I went to a club with some fellow students to dance, meet girls and to get drunk.


Anonymous Ulrike Wuttke said...

Hi Robin,
nice blog you have. I got the link from Maarten, must be cool in Hamburg, but as I read a lot to do for you. But I see you're enjoying it. If there's a chance you come to Berlin, don't forget to give a call!

7:20 pm  

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