Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The copy made by Robin Stam Posted by Picasa

Oh my god! It has been almost a week since I wrote something on my blog. And as all bloggers do, I´m going to excuse myself for neglecting my blog. My god I´m sorry!

That'll do it. Now, to make it up I'm finally showing some work again. Above you can see some photographs made in photography class. A couple of months ago, I bought a digital SLR camera from my last savings. I haven´t regretted this big purchase since then. Because we have to execute every good idea like it is actually printed in a magazine, we have to make our own photos as well. Because a bad execution means bad grades at the Miami Ad School, the photos better be good.

The assignment in the photography class was: find a photograph and make an exact copy of it (and no, we were not allowed to put the photo under the copy machine). I chose a picture of Man Ray, a surrealistic photographer from the 30's. He is one of the first photographers that used photo manipulation. I admire every single work that he's made. The picture I wanted to copy was titled 'tears'. The most difficult about this picture was to capture the theatrical expression on the face. Luckily, my model for this picture, Lea, is a very good actress and got very close to this expression. And I did manage to get the right angle with my camera. It looks good, but of course it isn't an exact copy. Somehow I couldn't copy the empty look in the eyes that makes Man Rays picture so surrealistic. That proves that the real artist is hard to copy.

Photography is not the only reason I forgot to write a post for my weblog. I've got a lot of assigments for Outdoor advertising and Concept class, I'm working in advance for Typography, I'm writing my ass off for radio class. In the meanwhile I work for Energize and I'm writing columns for two different magazines in Holland. And I probably even forgot half of the stuff I do here. Just like I forgot to write on my blog.


Anonymous starvin said...

beetje veel verschil ...zonde ... zeker 1 van je vriendinntjes daar ...(opgepikt bij de reepersbahn?? )

10:59 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Haha, nee hoor Marvin. Lea is een klasgenote van me. Daar heb ik niets mee uitgespookt ;-)

6:05 pm  

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