Thursday, March 23, 2006

Txt: "A helmet? Then nobody can see my new hat, can they". Posted by Picasa

Let's go back in time. To the face-to-face week. It's 17.00. You still have about 24 hours to go for the next face-to-face meeting. You still have to make a campaign. For clothing brand New Yorker. The pay-off is 'dressed for the moment'. Which, according to the teacher, you can interpret as

1) You pose only once.
2) You'll feel comfortable in THAT moment.

During class the teacher showed us a TV-commercial for New Yorker. In this commercial a group of trendy dressed youngsters sit on a bench in the desert to watch an atom bomb explode. Because of the blast, all of the youngsters die. New Yorker. Dressed for the moment.

Everybody had to make a campaign on his own. No teamwork. Just think of your own ideas and execute them on your own. A couple of classmates freaked out because they didn't have an idea yet. I had two ideas for a campaign: 1) You see models who -after a shooting for famous clothing brands like Gucci & Prada- dress in New Yorker clothes because they feel comfortable in it. 2) You see youngsters who rather die than make a bad impression by being out of style.

I decided to go for the second concept because it was the most simple one. And moreover, it fitted the original campaign the best. Although I knew the execution would probably take the most time.

First I looked for some royalty free stock pictures for the background. Then I needed some photographs. Caroline was willing to squirm on the ground of the photostudio for the parachute ad. Salvatore almost broke his arms after falling when I shot the bungee jump ad. An American guy, Jon, volunteered to be on a picture putting a hat on while having the expression of panic on his face. That night I managed to photoshop two advertisements. The next day I made the one with the hat, which took me about two hours longer than I planned at first.

At 20:00 in the evening, I showed the campaign during my face-to-face for concept class. The teacher giggled. Which was good, because I knew this teacher wasn't the type that rolls from his chair laughing about an ad. He even had trouble choosing the one that ended up at the exposition. Which was good, because he liked them all. Eventually, the bungee jump ad ended up in the exposition room downstairs. And I got an A- for concept class. Which is good.


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