Monday, March 13, 2006

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The face to face week is over and as you might already have red, the evaluations went quite good. Today I have a day off, which gives me the opportunity to finally clean up my room (it looks like a tornado has blown through it) and to look for a new room/appartment (I have to get out of my room pretty soon).

And now it's time to show some work. As you might have red before, I'm quite careful with showing ideas in a too early stage. Now the evaluation week has ended, I might as well show some ideas that were rejected for the exposition. They're probably not going to end up in my portfolio anyway.

So here's the first rejected campaign. The client is NOAH, a non-profit organisation in Germany that fights against all sorts of maltreatment of animals. One of their subjects is zoos. Now zoos can be good for preserving endangered species and for educational purposes, but some zoos doesn't have the funds for good maintenance. As a result, many animals are the victims of neglect and live in dirty cages. This campaign makes a strong statement against neglected zoos and communicates that NOAH helps the animals of detoriated zoos. In every ad, a symbol of dirt is combined with the homes of the animals to show how bad the condition of some of the animals' homes are. The headline is: 'help the animals of detoriated zoos'. For our non-native speakers: the word 'detoriated' means something like rotten as a result of neglecting something.

It was actually a surprise to me that this campaign wasn't picked out for the exposition. My teacher liked it, but he also liked all of my other campaigns. He also liked all of the designs. So he had to choose which ones to leave out. I think this one didn't make it, simply because it was work for a non-profit organisation. There was other work for commercial companies, made on a stricter briefing. And that is considered better in this school. I'm glad I made the campaign though. It's an interesting client and I had a lot of fun perfectionizing the designs.


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