Wednesday, March 15, 2006


On of the ads that won a silver star Posted by Picasa

As you might have already red in my post about the first soccer poster, the best work on the exhibition at the end of the quarter will be granted a silver or a gold star. This Tuesday, creatives from Leo Burnett and Jung von Matt looked at all the work to judge it.

I´m glad to say that I got a silver star for a Nike print campaign. Above you can see one of the ads. It´s kind of funny that an ad about winning actually wins something. I'm very glad I won something in the first quarter already. Next quarter I'm going to work harder for even more succes. Silver is a good first step. But -to quote a famous Nike headline- you don't win silver, you lose gold.


Anonymous Paps en moeders said...

Yes,een zilveren ster is binnen en inderdaad nu op naar de gouden.
Ik/wij vinden dat je erg je best hebt gedaan en je moet altijd maar zo denken het kan dus nog beter.
Gefeliciteerd en nu nog een kamer dan is het feest helemaal compleet.
Groetjes aan Edwin en maak er een paar leuke dagen van.

10:00 pm  

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