Thursday, March 02, 2006


Soccer posters, the school is full of it! Posted by Picasa

I´m proud of being in this class. Every week we have to make a soccer poster and it really takes a lot of work. Every week we have to think of a new idea how to attract people to the soccer match at Sunday. Every week we have to photograph, illustrate and write copy for the idea. Every week we have to glue twelve A3´s together and hang up the poster. Today our director Niklas said that this class had such good ideas, that we don´t have to do any soccer posters anymore. He said with emphasis that this never happened before at the Miami Ad School Hamburg.

And the ideas are good. If there´s a bad soccer poster, you have to rip them off the wall immediately. Most of the posters of my classmates are still hanging. Which is why there isn´t a dark corner to be found where there aren´t any soccer posters. Some of the posters are even placed above another. Or under the stairway.

I´m also proud of my class because I can see how much effort they put into their work. We´re right before our evaluation week and it´s busy as hell. This week, a lot of classmates slept at school again. Some students even stayed awake all night. I've seen some later quarter students sitting behind their laptop looking like zombies and mechanically moving their mouse because they have to get their work done. The next day everybody looks like shit, but the work looks good. And that´s the most important.

I´ve seen a lot of classmates in only two months change from rookies to a full engined concept-machines. Which is incredible. Can you imagine what they will make after a year? I started off with more experience and I've made my best work so far here (I'll show some of it after my evaluation). In the beginning I had an advantage, but my fellow students are not far behind. Which is good. The attitude of my classmates, and of the whole Miami Ad School, is pushing me even further than I ever imagined.

This week has been very hard for me. I slept an average of five hours per night and I start noticing that my body doesn't react to my mind as fast as usual. Luckily, today I can go home earlier and tomorrow and in the weekend I have lots of time to perfectionize my work. Well, sleep is a privilige at the end of the last quarter. I'll just have to get used to it.


Anonymous starvin said...

wel leuk allemaal maar let je welop je zelf of overdrijf je hier en daar een beetje .... :P

7:00 pm  
Anonymous Paps en Moeders said...

Let inderdaad een beetje op jezelf.
Als je online bent, dan krijg ik te horen dat je het erg druk hebt en dat je die avond nog wel tot 2.00 uur aan het werk bent.
Waar haal je toch al die energie vandaan??? Maar ja een ding we betalen in ieder geval niet voor niets zoveel schoolgeld (grap)
Kus Moeders

11:23 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Dank voor de bezorgdheid, maar dit is gelukkig niet altijd zo. Nog een paar dagen doorkleunen en dan is mijn evaluatieweek voorbij.

1:31 am  

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