Thursday, March 30, 2006

Missing links 2

Last month I discovered that I forgot to include a couple of links om my weblog. In the meantime, I could think of a lot more websites that deserve to get some attention. By the way, right after the first post of missing links, Hallelujah, the agency of former collegue Peter van der Helm has become the Dutch branch of Law & Kenneth. Which is the international agency of St. Lukes founder Andy Law. Since then, you can see even more work on their new website:

Last time I told you I used to work with Peter at McCann-Erickson in the Netherlands. The creative director that hired us was Kees Rijken. We started with a three month contract for minimum wage and we ended two years later with a lawsuit. In the time I worked with Kees, he has always been a big help to us. He is one of the most charismatic directors I've ever known and he managed to stay calm in even the most stressful situations. Unfortunately, after one year, Kees left McCann-Erickson and became a partner in the agency Locomotive. The work on the site is all in Dutch. Check out

Another man who has been a great help to me at McCann was Gé Key. He's the type of account director you actually want to work with. He now works at Cygnus X-3, an very creative agency that already won various national and international awards. They're probably so busy that they forgot to put something on their site, but feel free to enjoy the nice picture on their first and only page. If you send an e-mail to the adress on the right, Gé would probably be proud to send you some work.
UPDATE: one of my best friends and copywriter Maarten Kleverlaan informed me that Gé Key went back to McCann Netherlands again. It looks like McCann finally made a decision that benefits them in the LONG RUN.

Wouter Haasnoot is a completely different story. Two weeks after I applied for the Miami Ad School Wouter called me because he wanted to work with me. He could get a job at the then starting agency The Buccaneers, which was founded by a well known Dutch creative called Herbert van Hoogdalem. I actually postponed my trip to Hamburg for three months to work with Wouter at The Buccaneers. The adventure at the Buccaneers came to an end after three months, which made my choice to go to the Miami Ad School a lot easier. Wouter has made some brilliant work at an agency in Mexico. He's now freelancing in Holland, but he's always interested in working abroad. So check out for his work. And if you're a creative director, no matter where in the world you are, make him an offer he can't refuse.


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