Monday, March 20, 2006

From face-to-face to house-to-house

Having a quiet week doesn´t neccesarily mean I have rest. Last week there was no pressure from the face-to-face week. Instead, I had to look for a new appartment. For reasons I will not mention yet because I'm a tactful person, I have to get out of my room. The sooner the better.

So this week was the house-to-house week. I dragged myself in the online world of house seekers. I can tell you it's a very time consuming hobby. If you react to a house yesterday, it's already gone. But new houses flash by once in a while and you have to react to them as fast as a candidate at a quiz-show.

Last weekend I went to Edwin, a dutch friend of mine who lives in Berlin. I just got back, exhausted from a delayed bus trip back to Hamburg. When I opened my Hotmail I saw that I can rent an appartment I've been looking at a few weeks ago. I was very happy. I'm going to move right in the middle of one of the best neighborhoods of Hamburg (Schanze). Emilia, the new MAS-student from Amsterdam, is going to live there as well. Just to be sure I'm going to look for some other appartments this week. But the online housing hunt has stopped. Finally, I can sit back and relax. Well... at least for a while.


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