Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeling comfortable

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The night after I made my last post I a lot of work to do and I slept at school. What I didn't realized is that sleeping at school is rare. It's hard to sleep when every corner of the school is filled with hard working students. I did find a more quiet place to put my matress and sleeping back to finally get my well deserved sleep.

When I almost slept, however, I was woken up by very loud music from upstairs. People were even running and screaming in the school. After the music one after the other student came in to go to the bathroom. One of the American students started snoring at a table next to me -without a blanket (!). Well, I could have known it. After all, when I'm going to sleep it doesn't necessarily mean the whole school is going to sleep.

But things are more at ease now. Yesterday we heard that one face-to-face presentation is shifted to friday, so I actually got a day extra. I used the extra day to sleep a little more than the night before and I'm okay now. I only have to execute two print ads and one TV spot. The concept is already there. In between I did some work for Energize, the online company in Holland I'm working for. Even the work for my face-to-face on Friday is almost finished. I'm going back to work and at about 3.00 I'm planning to go to sleep. Let's hope it will be a better sleep than before. Maybe I'm going up to party with the rest of the students as soon as the loud music starts ;-)


Anonymous Elina said...

Hee broerke,

Wat zal het een zootje zijn daar op school. Als je straks geen onderdak hebt dan kun je altijd nog daar slapen. Zet je je mengpanelen daar neer en dan speel je gewoon voor school-dj. Een soort van concierge maar dan anders. Nu begrijp ik wel waarom er volgende week moet worden opgeruimd op school.

kus van Zuske

1:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one more day...

2:12 pm  

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