Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Face 2 face

Face to face week started. That means getting all the work done for evaluation, presenting the work I´ve made the last two months and getting the work ready for the exposition. It also means less sleep. It´s 1:35 now and I already brought my matress to school. At about three I'm going to sleep for an hour or five and when I get up I start working again.

After my last post, my friends and family started to get a little worried about me. I'm fine. I'll just have to eat well, sleep on a regular basis (even though it's short) and not freak out. That last thing is kind of hard when for example the printer doesn't work with me, but I'll manage. Only three more days and face to face week is over.

Yeah it's hard work, but it has it's good sides. Everybody here is working as hard as their bodies can handle and lots of people are sleeping over (some even stay awake all night, something which I'm not able to). There's an atmosphere of total dedication for making good work and that really inspires me. Today, I had my face to face for Art Direction/layout. The teacher, Goetz Ullmer from Jung von Matt, was astonished by the fact that I was a copywriter because he liked my layouts very much. And on top of that, he liked all of my ideas. It's a more than perfect start. Tomorrow I have evaluation of photography and of computer class. Only three days left...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

und dann schön feiern gehn!

11:10 am  
Anonymous When the Going gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro said...

Streß ist, wenn man schreiend aufwacht und bemerkt, daß man noch gar nicht eingeschlafen war.


5:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoe meer veren, hoe beter...Maar intussen moet je dan wel oppassen dat de vogelgriep je niet velt ;)

Groet, Maarten

9:53 pm  

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