Friday, March 10, 2006

The curse of the Japanese binding

I just had a moment of stress. During my face-to-face presentation for Typography on Thursday I found out that my book with posters was binded the wrong way, so you'd had to read it backwards. The teacher, Sergei, called it a 'Japanese binding'. There were also posters upside down. He told me the jury on the exposition is probably not going to like it when a book is like this, so I decided to print out all the 36 posters again and make another book.

Unfortunately, some days I have the tendency to be a total idiot. Today, I went to the copyshop to put the binder in and I DID IT WRONG AGAIN! There weren't any posters upside down, but ís a Japanese binding. Now this may sound funny, but Sergei wasn't amused. So in only 20 minutes time I printed all the posters again. Which takes some time because the printer here only prints when he likes to. I've got a face-to-face again in about 10 minutes so I gave the posters to some other students who went to the copyshop. Now they have to give the instructions for the binding. Let's hope they have more sense than I do...

Any moment somebody can come in to say I have to do my presentation for copywriting. We already had our work finished and there's no doubt in my mind that this last face-to-face is going to be a good one. I made some good work with my fellow students and everything is perfectly executed. If only my posterbook is prepared perfect -like I tried for the last few days- then my first face-to-face week had been totally flawless.

I go to the presentation now, because my teammates are waiting at the classdoor already.

UPDATE: The poster book is fine and 'un-Japanesed', many thanks to my fellow classmate Lea.
UPDATE 2: My copywriting face to face went more than excellent! I'm ready to party now ;-)


Anonymous Moeders en Paps said...

Lieve Robin
Wij hopen dat alles goed is gegaan.
Je bent en blijft nou eenmaal af en toe een verstrooide professor.
Toch houden we heel veel van je.

10:28 pm  
Anonymous Lientje said...

Nou, jij hebt je vakantie wel verdiend zeg! Wel goed uitrusten hè?
x jah

1:25 pm  

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