Monday, February 20, 2006

Welcome to the late club

I hate being late. And I especially hate being late for school, because I know how much it is appreciated at the Miami Ad School that you're on time. The first time I was too late was during the class of copywriting. I thought the lesson started at 9:30, but when I entered the door I came in in the middle of a presentation. It seemed that class started at nine. I didn't get any punishment, but the shame I felt was far worse than any punishment.

Talking about punishment, the penalty for being late is fifty campaigns. And that's not fifty ads I'm talking about, it's fifty campaigns consisting of at least three ads each(!).

Last week I was late for a guest speech. I smoked a sigarette outside and I didn't have a clue that a guestspeech already started for 2 minutes. After the lesson I got an e-mail from the director Niklas, starting with 'welcome to the late club' and the procedures for making the fifty campaigns.

Some students can't sleep when they get punishment like that. I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to train yourself in fast concept development ánd and to make something good for your portfolio. It's hard though, cause my father came to Hamburg this weekend so I didn't have enough time to work for school. Right now the counter is on nineteen campaigns. What am I doing wasting time writing a post for my weblog? I should be doing the other thirtyone campaigns! ;-)


Anonymous starvin said...

hahahaha ... mannetje ...moet je maar op tijd komen ..doe ik ook altijd ...ahum

7:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ik moet in dat geval gewoon salaris inleveren. Kon ik het maar goed maken met 50 campagnes tegen zeehondenbond ;-)

Succes ermee! Maarten

10:18 pm  
Anonymous Paps en Moeders said...

Arme Robin je hebt het al zo druk, druk, druk.
Maar ja je leert hier wel van, je kom natuurlijk NOOIT meer te laat

10:48 pm  
Anonymous elliebelliedecibellie said...

hey neppie,

druk druk druk, leuk man dat vaders bij je was vorige week.
succes en wederom weer een leuk verhaal.

kussie neppie

9:54 pm  

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