Wednesday, February 15, 2006

VW Passat advertisement

Txt: The new, very economical Passat is out Posted by Picasa

I´ve been at the Miami Ad School for about one and a half month now and I´ve made an incredible amount of ads and posters. On this blog you see only a tiny bit of it. That´s because 1. It would take me a dayjob to put all my work on the blog 2. I keep all the best work I make for myself for a while, especially when it concerns conceptual work.

For the ad above I gladly make an exception. The reason: as soon as I was photoshopping the ad somebody informed me that the ad is already made. Actually, a similar concept even got nominated in Cannes. Of course it's a pity, but I decided to finish the ad anyway.

The concept behind it is that the new Passat uses so little fuel, that gas stations have to do something else to make a living. In the example above a gas station has been transformed into a discotheque called 'pump it up'. In another ad a gas station became a drive-in cinema, with a big screen hanging from the ceiling.

Too bad somebody came up with this idea before I did. It's a bummer, but I keep on hoping that sooner or later I'm going to make a Cannes ad that hasn't already been made ;-)


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