Thursday, February 02, 2006

Soccer poster 3

Text: Need more exercise than this one? Play soccer at Moorweide. Sunday 4pm.

This poster was completely blank except for one small line that you can only read when you bend down. If you read the text you´re confronted with the fact that you´re already do exercise.

This poster was also placed in the honorary book. That's three times in a row that our poster was chosen as the best. One of our teachers said this was the best soccer poster he's seen in the last 1,5 year. We must be doing something right ;-)


Anonymous Paps en Moeders said...

Geweldig Robin wat een stunt, je moet er maar opkomen, en zo eenvoudig, super.
Ga zo door het wordt nog eens wat met je (grapje)

4:18 pm  
Anonymous Elina said...

Wat een grappig idee zeg! Ga zo door. En wat leuk dat er 'n hollandse op school komt. Dan kun je tenminste af en toe nog nederlands praten. Anders verleer je het misschien.
dikke kus van zus

11:29 am  
Anonymous starvin said...

"have you ever been so close to a creatief person before !! " ... en dat was jouw tshirt (turkeys) ...x

5:19 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

No Marvin, you got the shirt of the Young Turkeys from Ruben. I gave you a shirt of the Young Dogs. But anyway, it´s a funny line for a shirt.

8:17 pm  
Anonymous MJ said...

congrats!!!even though it was about an year and a half ago.!!

5:51 am  

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