Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Missing links

I've been very busy the last week. I worked the whole weekend through and from sunday till monday I slept at the school again. I'm quite exhausted, but it's worth it. Next week I've got my face-to-face classes, which mean that all the ideas I've made will be evaluated.

By the way, when I first made my blog I forgot to put in the links of some of the my most important contacts from Holland in the links. I'm glad Hjarald Agnes from Orgasms 2 mentioned to me that his site isn't on there, because I can immediately set everything straight. Hjarald used to be the owner of creative hotshop Orgasms, until it became BSUR. Last year he started Orgasms 2. It's a multidisciplinary, pan-European platform and community. Creatives from all over the world can subscribe on this site and put their portfolio on. You can even send in ideas and if they're good enough, they can use their network and knowledge to actually produce it. Good way to get all those fantastic ideas in your portfolio produced. I'm the contactperson in Hamburg for this agency. Look at www.orgasms2.com.

Energize is an online actionmarketing agency. For eight hours a week, I write copy for them. Their work is no nonsense and very effective. No arty farty stuff, they just make websites and viral games that work like hell. And they've got the statistics to prove it. Look at www.energize.nl (it's in Dutch, but for the people who can read it: I actually worked on the copy as well).

Havasu Films is a film production company from Amsterdam. I used to work with them for a few Fanta commercials and I've kept in touch with them since then. Before I left to Hamburg, I used to DJ a lot at their parties on friday night. These guys are very inspirational and work with top creatives (I regularely saw Paul Meijer leaving the building when I spun my records). www.havasufilms.com is their website.

And last but not least, I'd like to put the agency of my former art director in the spotlights: Hallelujah. I've been through a lot with creative director Peter van der Helm when he was my teampartner. His bad manners and directness towards people often got him into a lot of trouble with creative directors all over Holland, but I rarely meet people with more heart and enthousiasm for advertising than Peter (exept maybe at the Miami Ad School ;-). His creative hotshop deserves to grow very big. At www.agencia-hallelujah.com you can see his work.

Okay, now that I've got this straight, I'll go back to work. I still have a lot of campaigns to execute. I hope to be able to show some dazzling work pretty soon.


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