Monday, February 13, 2006

Classic methods against junkies

When I pass the ´Hauptbahnhof´ or ´main station´ in Hamburg, I always hear classical music. I thought the cheerful violin and piano melodies were there for the amusement of passing travellers. It is not.

This week I heard that classical music is the latest weapon against: junkies! Can you imagine? Classical music to chase away junkies? I'd say play some Dutch hardcore gabber music, or the twisted terror/breakbeat sounds of Venetian Snares (but then again, that would probably chase everyone away).

Now the most surprising part is that it actually works! It seems to drive a drug addicts mind crazy to hear the same music over and over again. So far for the no-tolerance policy that they've got in Amsterdam. To kick junkies out, you don't need a military police, you need an orchestra. Well, this proofs once again that sometimes the best solutions for a problem are the craziest ones.


Anonymous Paps en moeders said...

Ergens in Nederland ( maar ik weet niet waar) is dit ook getest op een plek waar altijd veel hangjeugd zich verzamelde. En...het hielp!!!

11:58 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

That´s interesting, in the comment above, my dear mother says that somewhere in Holland a test with classical music has been done as well. But that was against loitering youth. And it worked as well! Classical music really seems to move people of every generation ;-)

10:17 am  
Anonymous Elina said...

In Utrecht heb je dat ook en het werkt erg goed. Onze stagiaire Iris komt daar vandaan.
kus van Lien

1:04 pm  
Anonymous starvin said...

also friend ..can play on ya turntable .. nobody stays ( geintje liefie )

7:27 pm  

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