Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Charles Bukowski Poster

Charles Bukowski poster Posted by Picasa

Now I´ve published about three soccer posters on the site (and there are still seven to go), I thought it would be time for a change. So, before everybody thinks I´m only making soccer posters at school, I´ll show a poster from a different course: typography.

The assignment was to make a poster using only one typeface that's in the style of Charles Bukowski. He's a sarcastic, dark writer who was addicted to alcohol all of his life. That's why I put the mandatory extract from his book in the shape of a bottle. Furthermore, I rotated a piece of badly scanned in writing paper to give the suggestion of prison bars. Because he was like a prisoner of his own addiction.

I am particulary proud of this poster because: 1. I like the writer Charles Bukowski 2. Despite the restrictions I managed to put an idea in the poster. For the lesson of typography I have to make nine posters on A3 format, black and white, every week. It's a hell of a job. But whenever you make so many posters, there are always one or two posters that you're completely satisfied with. Yesterday I finished the new nine posters within four and a half hours. They certainly learn you how to work fast here.


Anonymous elliebelliedecibellie said...

hey robin,

ziet er goed uit man.. toppie woppie ga zo door..
Mensen pas op Robin Stam is ontdekt :)

kus neppie

10:27 pm  
Anonymous starvin said...

welnee ...lieg niet .... hihi
hey man dat is jouw teken stijl ...netjes hoor

9:05 pm  

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