Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Soccer poster 2

Text: Let's face it: sunday soccer 4 pm at Moorweide Posted by Picasa

This was the second soccer poster I have to make with my two teammates. We found out that a lot of Miami Ad School students eat fast food every day. You often need to stay in school in the evening, so extensive cooking at home is not an option. So it makes sense to play some soccer at Sunday. On this poster we just showed what fast food people eat during the week and we offered a suggestion to work it all off.

We made one earlier, but we had to make a new one because the design wasn´t good enough. In the first poster we put the photos in a book, like it´s some sort of diary. The days of the week were written above the pictures. This new version simply has a table at the Miami Ad School as a background and the days written on the polaroids. It does look better. Niklas thought so too and we got permission to put this poster as well as the first one in a special book where only the best soccer posters get in.


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