Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Soccer poster 1

Text: A good idea. Playing soccer at Moorweide. Sunday 4pm. Posted by Picasa

This is the first assignment on the Miami Ad School and it needs some explanation. In the original Miami Ad School (the one that's actually in Miami) the director Ron Seichrist always plays soccer on Sunday 4pm. All students of the MAS all over the world have to make posters that motivate people to participate in the soccer match.

The idea above makes only sense to Miami Ad School students. The golden star stands for the highest grade an MAS student can get for his work. In other words: a golden star means it's a good idea. We (Julien, Caroline and I) thought it would be a good idea to play soccer at Sunday, so we gave it a golden star. Simple.

By the way, these posters must be made in ACTUAL SIZE. That's nine A3 glued together(!). This quarter, we have to make at least TEN of these giants. Our first soccer poster still hangs in the school, because it was considered a good idea ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee Robin,

Je hebt inderdaad wat achtergrondinformatie nodig om de poster te begrijpen en goed te vinden. Ik zou zeggen: blijf iedereen verrassen met meer van dat soort ideeen.

Groet, Maarten

10:36 pm  
Anonymous starvin said...

aaargh ...what a differnt way of thinking then we ... a poster that needs to be explained ... hmms ...en een x

11:16 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hey Starvin,

That's different indeed. Normally you shouldn't have to explain a poster, but at least the target audience understands it immediately ;-)

11:29 am  
Anonymous Paps en Moeders said...

Dacht dat je nu al een gouden ster te pakken had, maar dat zou te mooi zijn om waar te zijn.Dat je goed bent dat weten wij al lang. Dat je nog verder kan groeien en nog beter kan worden dat moet je eerst maar weer waarmaken.Op de Mas hangen zoveel mooie en goede ideeen/ werken.

2:13 pm  

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