Friday, January 27, 2006

Huuray for Emilia!

I just heard that a girl from Holland, Emilia, is going to study at the Miami Ad School too. I know Emilia from the Young Dogs, an organisation for young creatives in Holland. We were both board members there. I had a drink with her on Sunday and the next day she went for an interview to the Miami Ad School. Thursday Niklas walked up to me with a big smile to tell me Emilia is going to start in April. Now that´s what I call fast decision making. Way to go, Emilia!

I think she made the right decision. I think everybody here did. Nobody in this school seems to have even the slightest regret about this study. Of course there are some complaints. A lot of people have problems with the amount of homework that we get, some complain about the printer that´s refusing to print and today I heard one of my classmates complain that the vending machine is broken.

But all of that doesn´t seem to matter. Everybody here is eager to make the best advertising in the world and to push themselves further then they´ve ever imagined. And everybody seems to have fun accomplishing that goal. This morning I woke up with too little sleep so I came at school with a bad temper. Luckily, the first lesson I had was from a crazy teacher called Goetz Ullmer. He told us he once showed up at his agency´s Christmas party dressed up like Gene Simmonds from the rockband Kiss. When he showed a photograph of his painted face between hundreds of formally dressed people, I laughed my ass off. That´s what makes this school so great: you never know when to expect a good mood.


Anonymous Paps en Moeders said...

Hoi die Robin
Leuk hoor een landgenote op school en ook nog eens een bekende.
Emilia heel veel succes in April.

1:02 pm  
Anonymous emilia said...

wat lief! ja, no complaining here...

6:11 pm  

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