Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crazy as hell, and I like it

So... arrived in Hamburg at last. The months before the moving were insane. I worked at a callcentre, then I worked at an Internet company called Energize in Driebergen, and on top of that, in my last week Energize moved to Utrecht. It was crazy, but the company is great. I still work for them one day a week.

Saying goodbye to my friends was hard. Saying goodbye to my family -who brought me all the way to Hamburg- was even harder. The day after we've arrived at my room in Hamburg I had to go to school. The first minute I walked in the school I was sucked up in introduction classes, explanations about the computers and tours through the school. It was great, but there was little time to say goodbye to my parents and sister. I guess no time in the world is enough to say goodbye to such wonderful people...

Right now, I'm dead tired sitting in my room with a laptop. The last days were exhausting as hell, but it was awesome! Today I had my first photography lesson and I did some concepting for a poster with a couple of my new classmates. They teamed me up with two of the youngest classmates. Luckily, they are extremely motivated and talented. It took some sweat, but we managed to come up with some killer ideas for a poster assignment. Which will probably be killed by thursday because the standards are extremely, extremely high here.

P.S. I can't place any photos on the blog yet, because I left the cable of my camera at school (yeah, I guess I'm an idiot ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin bedankt voor de mooie woorden
Gr. Paps en Moeders

7:19 pm  
Anonymous Elien said...

Hi brother,
I can't wait to see your pictures because I already miss your face.
I'd like to receive a copy of the New Year's Eve DVD. Is that possible?

big kiss from your siss

1:01 pm  
Blogger Robin Stam said...

Hi Elien, I might be able to copy the DVD at school. By the way, many thanks to Constantijn for recording the DVD at my goodbye party.

5:52 pm  
Blogger Bertwin said...

Hey there Hamburg,

Good to read you are having such a crazy big time already. And words of the very creative and warm hearted are always inspiring to read.

Your first letter summarizes more than your cv. And indeed, it makes me wonder why you choose to learn more about concepting and copy writing, as your work has such a high standard already. But this is just more credit to you. Never sit back. What to fear?

"A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accepted them. And all chanche of valour has gone beyond precorral desire."

No doubt you made a very, very good decision. And no doubt we will miss you. But as we keep working together as Energizers, I hope there is more to gain then only good wor. And of course, I hope you don't have to sell your turntables.

All the best, and cheers for now,


9:48 am  
Anonymous starvin said...

robin ...

ya not a idiot ...a naab ( noob)
"en het siert je!"


9:03 pm  

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